Livery Launches – Ferrari SF70H & McLaren MCL32

He’s what was revealed to us last night in Fiorano last night:


At first it looks like a downgrade, but really this is more or less a standard Ferrari livery. The white section is gone from the engine cover, allowing the Scuderia Ferrari logo to be massive. The white has therefore moved to the shark fin, and I think this was a good move, as white on the fin and the engine cover would have been overpowering. Just looks even more cluttered with logos this year.


Everyone was excited to see that McLaren lived up to their orange hype! It’s a lovely shade (although it looked way too dark at the launch) of orange and I’m glad to see it back. Unfortunately, the design is totally unimaginative. When I design liveries, this is usually my first stage, throwing some shapes on the car and getting inspiration, but looks like McLaren didn’t bother to go any further.


It ends up looking like a GP3 livery (in fact, that Arden livery is more impressive), or a Virgin Marussia as many have pointed out and while it isn’t ugly, it has a generic, basic quality to it. I feel as though they didn’t put as much effort as they should have into this. The white section on the sidepod could have been expanded to other parts of the car to make it more elaborate. This car is a true nagger.

Livery Launches – Ferrari SF70H & McLaren MCL32