Livery Mockups – 2017 Formula 1 Field

The most exciting part of the year for us livery junkies is just around the corner; F1 launches! Big changes in the regulations mean the cars will look very different, but there’s every chance liveries will be quite different too. With a bunch of driver and sponsor changes, I’m very excited to see what the teams present to us this year.

After last year’s successful post, I’ve decided to get a few other designers from International Motorsports Graphics to draw up their thoughts, and explore liveries from a number different design angles. Thanks for your contributions WhiskyTangoFoxtrot and LiveriesAreTheBest!

Special thanks to StylePixelStudios for the beautiful template and without further ado, here are our 2017 Formula 1 field mockups, followed by a short description from each designer.



WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot – Knowing that Ferrari is going to get rid of the white part in their livery – which I consider a mistake – I have chosen to keep it in this rather angular design. I have also added a cheeky touch of green to include all the colors of the Italian tricolor.


LiveriesAreTheBest – I made 2 other takes of what a Ferrari 2017 livery might look like, but this all-red one suits the best, taking inspiration from the 2007 Ferrari. A much different Scuderia Ferrari logo on the engine cover looks somewhat better for me than the original one.


The Livery Blog – In the 2000s I got sick of the Marlboro/Vodafone white on the Ferraris and ever since, I had an aversion to the combo. This year, however, I discovered that I may have overcome it. Instead of going for black as a secondary colour, which I always thought looked best, I’ve played with distribution of white. Since the rumours in the Italian media (which are often true) say that the white engine cover will be gone, I’ve gone with small sections of white behind the airbox, in front of the cockpit and along the bottom side of the car. I’ve also kept the Italian flag on the airbox, which was a nice touch last year. The red used is also a slightly different hue. The Marlboro Scuderia Ferrari logo will inevitably remain , as will the white wings. That said, perhaps they will try to mimic the black of the 1990 Ferrari. Because emulating and old livery brought them so much success last year.

Force India


The Livery Blog – I’m not sure how big an investment Johnnie Walker have actually put into Force India, but here I’m assuming they’ll be on the sidepods. I’ve taken inspiration from the Force India liveries of 2009/10 which I really liked and applied swooping bright green and orange lines along the car, but with a black base, in line with their current image.

So what if Johnnie Walker had a beefy sponsorship and decided to promote one of their brands?


My alternative is a Johnnie Walker Black Label livery. I’ve tried my best to minimise the JPS/Renault/Lotus resemblance but the similarities can’t really be avoided. I’ve used the bottle label on the sidepod, a design I’ve always been a fan of, so no real need to mess with it. On the rest of the car, I’ve used two different shades of gold, a lighter shade on the logos and shape outlines, with a darker shade half filling those shapes. These colours just work incredibly well together.


LiveriesAreTheBest – This one is inspired by Force India’s 2008 testing livery. Silver/orange at the front and orange/green at the back.


WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot – For Force India, I have created a very straight-lined design that attempts to have a place for each one of their many minor sponsors. The old combination of orange, white and green has replaced their predominantly black-and-silver designs of recent years.



WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot – I made the American flag an integral part of the design on the Haas car while creating a splatter-based design using their old color scheme, only changing the shade of the red to match that of the Stars and Stripes.


LiveriesAreTheBest – Haas’ 2016 livery was with grey as main colour, but why not shuffle up these three colours? Red was the eventual pick as the base colour.


TheLiveryBlog – I have to start by saying Haas’ current livery is great and I’d be happy to see it retained for another year. That said, I’ve tried to use their current colours in a new way. With the fondly remembered Compaq/HP Williams cars in mind, I’ve placed a flat design of alternating black, grey and red over multiple surfaces of the car. This is only interrupted by white sections on the ‘top’ surfaces of the car. I’ve used red as a highlight, placing it on the top edges of the car (engine cover, wings and mirrors), as well as extra accents on the nose and headrest. Only issue for Haas at the moment is the lack of sponsorship, so a complex design is required to stop the car looking empty.



TheLiveryBlog – Although Manor are unlikely to race at this point, I’ve decided to make a livery anyway. Whilst the livery is similar to 2016, I’ve slightly altered the colours, going with a lighter blue and a brighter orange. I’ve also gone with white alone as a third colour (no black), using a major chunk of it along the side of the car which I feel brightens the livery a little. The logo on the engine cover remains, which looked great last year. However, I wouldn’t be disappointed to see the 2016 livery used again, which was a fan favourite…should they race 😦


LiveriesAreTheBest – It’s sad that we won’t see Manor on the grid…


WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot – Without an idea of who their drivers and sponsors will be – and whether we’ll see them on the grid at all – I created a swirly flame design for Manor with last year’s sponsors and color scheme.



WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot – I still want to see an orange McLaren! As I feel like they will not have a main sponsor once again, I have just used McLaren, placing it in something of an awkward place for the benefit of the design. The orange part is meant to be pearlescent.


TheLiveryBlog – Before all the orange speculation, I reverted back to 2015. I always loved the sparkly black colour seen on the majority of the McLaren that started the year. I’ve used this over the whole car, whilst retaining the dayglo design on top of the sidepods. I’ve also added a thin dayglo trimming on the entire side following the nose and engine cover, outlining the car and contrasting well with the sparkly black (which I may have put a bit too much blue hue in).


However, the orange McLaren hype is real! So this design features a lot of the paler orange seen in the 70s, along with the current charcoal colour which I’m totally indifferent about. It’s a bit of a mish mash in my opinion, but Ron is gone so who knows what we might see next year. Perhaps it will be entirely orange?


LiveriesAreTheBest – I also made two other takes of a McLaren 2017 livery, but following the latest news that McLaren may go orange this year, I decided to make this all-orange version.



TheLiveryBlog – For the second year in a row I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind for my Mercedes deisgn. I’ve cut down on silver again and included a lot of black and Petronas turquoise, the latter in thick strips along the engine cover, sidepods, rear wing end plates and wrapping over the nose. The silver is in two distinct sections, one engulfing the cockpit and the other the rear of the car. While there’s zero hope of this being even remotely similar to the 2017 livery, you can’t let the man get you down.


LiveriesAreTheBest – I actually do like Mercedes’ 2016 livery, but why not add some more turquoise to the livery? This is what it could look like with a black “Vodafone McLaren-ish” sidepod.


WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot – For Mercedes, I have just created a simple design of swirly stripes while brightening the background color to almost white.

Red Bull


WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot – Keeping Red Bull’s combination of matte black and bright red that was introduced last year, I have created a splatter design hoping to make it seem more aggressive, playful and exciting.


TheLiveryBlog – I’ve stuck fairly close to last year’s livery, which was my favourite of the 2016 field. The major changes here are the removal of the Total red on the wings, extension of the thin red line to the end of the sidepods and removal of the Bull’s yellow outline, which I felt made the car look a little unbalanced, considering the Red Bull text didn’t have an outline. Another addition is having the cockpit all in yellow, which gives me happy Sauber 1999 vibes.


LiveriesAreTheBest – Nothing slightly different compared to RBR’s 2016 livery. Couldn’t think of anything else.



LiveriesAreTheBest – Inspired by the classic Renault liveries from the 1980’s. Replaced the Total logo with BP following the announcement that they will use BP/Castrol fuel.


WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot – A plain yellow car has its merits, but that would not be very rewarding to create. Thus, a traditionally colored Renault with the addition of white in a swooping design.


TheLiveryBlog – I struggled a little with the Renault, because I don’t think it will be as plain this year. I’ve added three main black sections; straight along the top edge of the engine cover, wrapping over the nose, and in the very rear of the sidepods (as well as the wings). These black sections are outlined by three shortening strips of reflective gold.



TheLiveryBlog – After some pleasant emails with Sauber last year, where they explained the process behind the design of their livery and that their team colours are blue and white, I’ve designed a livery using a pleasantly vibrant blue with white the only other colour, assuming no major sponsors are coming on board this year. I’ve kept the design minimal, with just five white lines strategically placed across the car. There is one major white section, on the top of the nose, giving some significant contrast to the abundance of blue on the car and is a subtle design throwback to arguably my favourite all time livery.


WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot – Please do not adjust your computer screens – this car is not supposed to have color. With the withdrawal of Banco de Brasil, one can only guess what the 2017 livery will look like. Nonetheless, this one draws inspiration from their 1994 livery and upgrades Silanna to the position of main sponsor – of course, this could be any company.


LiveriesAreTheBest – I decided to make a new take on the Sauber so this one is plain metallic blue.

Toro Rosso


LiveriesAreTheBest – I seriously can’t think of a super-cool Toro Rosso livery so I made this one. Just a “blank” livery with a big bull they used from 2006 to 2008. This one is based off of my 2016 Toro Rosso concept.


TheLiveryBlog – Every year we labour to make nice STR liveries and every year we are left discouraged. Inevitable disappointment aside, this year I’ve added a whole bunch of white to the livery. The engine cover (where the cartoon Bull has once again been removed) features a Red Bull can style background, breaking up the navy blue. The gold used is a little lighter whilst the red has been nudged a notch or two lighter. The Red Bull logo on the sidepod sits on a large white section which is pointed at the tip. There are also large white sections on the bottom and on top of the nose/cockpit. Each of these white sections feature a fade to gold.


WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot – I’ll admit that I have no idea how to design a livery for STR. However, I am getting tired of the dark colors of their liveries, so I totally changed it. Also, seeing how they have previously used gold in their design elements, I made it into one of the main colors to create a unique color scheme that sets them apart from the other teams.



WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot – Just another Martini design, nothing else.


TheLiveryBlog – Finally, I’ve gone a little retro with Williams. As I’ve mentioned before, a fourth year of a nearly identical Martini livery would be too much. This time I’ve used straight horizontal lines and a retro logo harking back to the Martini liveries of the 70s. The Martini stripes extend to the wings and straight along the top of the nose. A welcome change in my opinion!


LiveriesAreTheBest – Same opinion as the Toro Rosso, so I ended up making this. This one is inspired by the 2008-2010 Williams liveries.

So that’s it for another year. Would love to get people’s thoughts and opinions, so let us know what you think! Here’s to some lovely liveries this season.

Livery Mockups – 2017 Formula 1 Field

Round-Up – 2016 Formula 1 Field

The break is finally over! F1 is back with a bang (and not just in a positive way), with a memorable race in Melbourne. It finally seems we can stop complaining about the grid being so dark. It’s not quite 2000, but I believe the field is just about sufficiently vibrant. Let’s have an in depth look into this year’s liveries all at once, along with how I would improve some of the liveries.


Ferrari 2

Minus the white, I was kind of close with my mock-up. What I’m pleased with is whilst I wanted a dark Ferrari, the added white looks fantastic. It’s the biggest change Ferrari have made to their livery in a long, long time and so glad that they’ve finally made that call. There are a few things that annoy me, mostly the pinstripe along the bottom side of the car. I’ve warmed up to the wavy black section on the engine cover, but it still bugs me how different elements and shapes of the design slightly clash with each other.

Ferrari 1

The red, white and green Italian flag stripes on the front wing endplates, airbox and barge boards (are they still called that?) are a great addition, but again, the number of different, clashing design elements keeps rising. That said, I can’t help but enjoy looking at this car. Perhaps it’s the big change that sweetens the deal for me, but I’m very happy with this. It also looks great from the front, with the front and rear wings half red, half white and the white beside the drivers’ helmets.




If I was to make any changes, without deviating drastically from the actual design, it would be to remove the pin stripe along the bottom of the sides and allow the white to run all the way to edge of the engine cover.


Force India

Force India 3

I’m pretty disappointed that Force India retained their 2015 livery. They’ve got some great colours to work with and they’ve decided to stick with black and silver. It’s a dull livery that blends into the scenery. Dark liveries can look exceptional and a car doesn’t need to be brightly coloured to stand out, but this one doesn’t live long in the memory.

Force India 1

The silver used isn’t very bright and the fact it either has the surrounding black or the tarmac to reflect off of is what adds another level of gloominess to the livery. Perhaps a highly metallic, or sparkly silver would help solve this problem to some extent, because at the moment, you have to look at the car from very specific angles or in just the right light to even be able to distinguish the sidepod sponsor. The small flashes of orange and green are just fine and like I said above, you don’t need lots of vibrant colour to have a good livery, but it’s probably the only thing I can say I genuinely like about the car. I feel as though there should either be a gap between the green/orange lines and the silver all the way or no gap all the way, not both.




Haas 2

Improvements already at Haas! The silver has been replaced with plain white and the livery is all the better for it. It’s avoided being dull a la Force India, with the white opening up the car to some brightness, and contrasting well with the black and grey, whilst also complementing the red.

Haas 1

I do like the straight horizontal line along the side and how it sweeps up, meeting with the black on the way, which also separates it from the white along the top. The red line on the rear doesn’t bother me as much as it did at launch, but I wish it ended more sharply. The front is probably the weakest part of the livery, with the grey section on top not wide enough (I’d have preferred it to stretch the entire width of the nose section) and the red sort of joining in from nowhere. The endplates in red look great and the Haas logo on the side looks way better on a white background too.



Not much I’d change, apart from sharpening the red line on the rear and a slightly different interpretation of the design on the front.



Manor 3

I think a lot of people reacted positively to this livery purely out of desperation for colour. I can’t deny that it’s good to see orange on the grid again as well as the blue (orange, blue and white are a favourite combo of mine, albeit with navy blue), but it’s not a particularly strong livery. It’s very simple, which isn’t always a bad thing, but it does look rather empty. It could definitely use another sponsor or two!

Manor 2

This will slightly contradict my comments above, but I don’t feel as though these specific shades of orange and blue work that well together. Perhaps it is the black that is the unwanted colour in this situation and without it on the body of the car, the other colours would work just fine together. That said, the black section behind the driver’s head looks great, so maybe the answer would be no white. The Manor logo hidden in the engine cover also looks a little strange to me and it may have looked better if it a slightly lighter shade of orange, as opposed to a darker shade.

Overall it does look a little empty and despite bringing some new colours to the grid, the 2015 livery is a far better design.



What I’ve done here is removed the black from the rear of the car and extended the other colours all the way to the exhaust. I’ve added some piping behind the drivers head and airbox, where there was black before. The orange Manor logo on the engine cover is a lighter orange as opposed to the current darker orange and the logo on the sidepod fills in a big empty gap. Overall I feel this version is a little neater and has less colour clashes than the current livery.



McLaren 2

McLaren have a plain livery which, unlike Manor, doesn’t look so empty. There are a few sponsors there to fill in the gaps that are placed well, which make up for the lack of actual design elements and help to make the livery less boring.

The charcoal colour used isn’t my favourite, but it’s definitely in a sweet spot ensuring it’s far from ugly. I’m so glad to see the back of the stripes on the nose, and the red on top of the sidepods and the engine cover look pretty good. Shame that the faux-3D borders remain.

McLaren 1

The best thing about this livery is that everything is uniform. That alone gets a big tick from me. However, what bothers me most is the number on the nose, which is warped outward at the top. It looks as though it was designed to only work from one angle, but even front on it looks strange. Not sure why they decided on using that.




Mercedes 1

During the off season, we were told that the new Mercedes would have less black and more turquoise. I guess they kept half of their promise, with a little more turquoise, but the large areas of black remain, and this is what brings the livery down in my opinion. The turquoise design on the side is actually quite nice, but it fades into the black at the bottom, and I feel as though a sharp end would have been nice. Same goes for the shadow bordering that section. I’m also not a big fan of the smoky black on the engine cover.

Mercedes 2

The thin turquoise lines in front of the cockpit remain and are a nice touch, as is the full turquoise on the rear wing. The black endplates are just fine, but what this livery needed was less black everywhere else. Some black is probably necessary as a background for the silver Mercedes logo on the engine cover, but it doesn’t have to spread over so much of the car.

At the end of the day, a return to a 2011-2013 style livery would be a little more pleasant, although a more drastic change would be well received.




I’ve removed a lot of the black shadow sections in my version. It’s probably obvious by now, but I’m a fan of clean liveries (not exclusively though!) and taking out these parts give this result. Not done much else, but making these helped me notice just how few sponsor logos are actually on the car. They’ve done a good job of disguising that fact. It doesn’t look empty at all, so kudos for that, Mercedes livery designer!


Red Bull

Red Bull 2

Of all the cars on the grid, the Red Bull is quite possibly my favourite. The matte finish is interesting, and the deep navy blue looks great. What I like most is the Red Bull logo without the outline. It’s a brave change which works so well because of the super bright, almost fluorescent red that is used. It contrasts well against the navy blue and whilst it looks great in photos, it pops even more in the flesh, as I witnessed at the Australian GP.

Red Bull 1

The simplicity of this design is a welcome change from the complexity of recent Red Bull liveries. All it is really is a couple of Red Bull logos, the bull on the engine cover and a thin red line long the side of the car, but there really isn’t much I’d change. If anything, I’d remove the yellow outline on the bull as I don’t feel it is needed. Even the Total red on the endplates doesn’t bother me!




Renault 4

They said they’d be changing to a yellow livery for the start of the season and they weren’t kidding! It’s basically the same design as testing, but with the colours inverted and with a matte finish. I love the yellow used and it’s great to see another vibrant splash of colour on the grid. The matte finish is nice and in some angles it even gives off a pearlescent look to the paint, which I’m sure the team put a lot of effort into achieving.

Renault 1

That said, I’m torn as to which version I like better. The yellow colour is fantastic, but where the black design looked sleek and classy, this one looks a little empty and lacking in design. It looks quite plain and the nice little touches, such as opposite colour on the inside of the wing endplates, are missing on this version. However, the honeycomb design on the rear of the car is actually a reflective gold colour, which is a nice bit of intricate design.

Renault 4

The livery does look a tiny bit lacking in the end, but the choice of colour makes up for the absence of extensive design work.




Sauber 2

Unfortunately, Sauber too have stuck with their 2015 livery. It’s an incredibly underwhelming design in my opinion, although I know there are plenty of people that disagree with me.

The sidepod design is very simple, but I think what hinders it is the white that borders part of the yellow section. The blue and yellow contrast superbly and the white in between is simply a hindrance. The nose design has the same problem, but this whole parabolic section completely ignores the squared off shape of the nose, which is a big no-no for me.

The worst thing has to be the rear wing endplates, which have a number of different logos, adding way too many colours in one space, harking back to the days of the struggling backmarkers of the early 90s. It’s not a good look and oozes cheap and nasty.

Sauber 1

I actually contacted Sauber specifically about their livery, who were nice enough to reply to me! They did mention to me that the team’s colours are blue and white (so no plain blue and yellow car like I suggested), with yellow not extending beyond the sidepod, as this is all that the Banco do Brazil sponsorship entitles them to use. A limiting factor for them (and every team I guess) was weight, and I can only assume the simplicity of the design is to keep excess weight to a minimum. Cost also plays a big factor in that.

I was very humbled to get such a detailed reply from Sauber and for that I am thankful. While I understand how much goes into these liveries beyond just creative ideas, I do wish they would go for something more adventurous or at least something simple but classy.




I’ve removed the white from the sidepods to allow the blue and yellow to contrast well. The yellow on the nose is all white now, fitting with the team’s colours and I’ve added some more small white sections in front of the cockpit, behind the driver’s head and airbox and on the engine cover. These help to fill up the otherwise boring and empty car, without adding much weight. Interesting doesn’t always mean bulky and heavy. The rear wing is still a mess, but fiddling with the sponsor logos wouldn’t be realistic.


Toro Rosso

Toro Rosso 1

Toro Rosso is the team that consistently disappoints me year on year. This year, much like past years, their livery is too messy, owing to the busy bull on the engine cover, Red Bull logo which is oddly squished onto the sidepods, the picture of the Red Bull Cola can (full colour pictures almost never work) and the design in front of the cockpit. There is too much going on and little to no uniformity, apart from colours I guess.

Toro Rosso 2

Speaking of colours, the navy blue is a great, but something irks me about how it works with the red, white and gold. The gold especially is a dull shade which I’ve never liked (at least in this combination of colours) and thought that perhaps a chrome version would work better, but that would further add to the dull feeling as it would have nothing bright to reflect off of, but something different would be great. The little design in front of the cockpit is just strange and doesn’t fit in with the rest of the design at all. The car would have looked better without it. With their decent pace, hopefully they’ll pick up a sponsor that will dictate some of the livery and change it up a bit. That’s my only hope at this point.



Toro Rosso

I’ve taken some liberties with this one which is frustrating because I wanted to keep these as realistic as possible, but every time I fiddle with Toro Rosso, something creative pops up on the canvas. I’ve removed all the gold, which was most notable on the nose, but it really helps open up the livery. I’ve upped the presence of white and created an interrupted red and white striped design along the side. Also, the rear wing has a Red Bull Simply Cola that isn’t a can, which works infinitely better than a photo. However, I have kept the bloody bull on the engine cover and the obnoxious Red Bull logo on the sidepod, for the sake of real world accuracy.



Williams 2

Williams is the same once again. It’s still a great livery, but we are now at a point where one more year could be too many. However, if history is anything to go by, we may be out of luck. Williams seem to have a tradition of sticking with the same livery throughout a main sponsor’s time with the team. This meant mainly unchanged Fly Saudia and Rothmans liveries for four years, Compaq/HP for five and Cannon for a solid nine years. If this is anything to go by, we’ve got at least one more year to go, sponsorship contracts permitting.

Williams 1

The livery itself is nice with the sweeping Martini design starting on the nose supports, running along the sides of the top of the nose, sweeping up over the driver’s head supports, before blooming on the engine covers. It’s a lovely design and impressive considering it’s one long unbroken piece of design. The black endplates are a great choice, as is the black that runs sneakily along the bottom of the car. All the sponsors are uniform which please me immensely and helps to create what is a very neat livery.

That said and as mentioned above, I do hope they make some alterations next year, no matter how slight, in order to keep their livery fresh and interesting.



A mixed bag this year, with some gorgeous liveries and some boring ones, some bright and some dull. All in all, this year’s grid is certainly easier on the eye in comparison to last year. There’s always room to improve but I’m quite content for the time being.

Round-Up – 2016 Formula 1 Field

Livery Launch – Haas VF-16 & Manor MRT05

After much hype and expectation, Haas unveiled their first ever F1 car, the VF-16, online yesterday.

Haas 1

Here it is! The colours are more or less what we expected. Their NASCAR machine is mostly red and black, as is really their entire brand, so there’s no real surprise in the colour scheme. A very light silver is used as the main colour, which is complemented by red and black. The side of the car is split half way up the sidepod, with the smaller section in black. This is a nice touch and works with the Haas logo very well.

Other aspects of the livery aren’t so strong. The block section on the top of the nose and cockpit probably should have been extended to the edges of the cars natural curves because as it is, it makes the nose look super skinny and kind of awkward. The red section on the nose isn’t bad, but there’s nothing natural about it.

Haas 2

The rear feels a lot more organic, with the red line following the black curve all the way to the edge of the car giving a minimal, but important splash of colour. I wish the front of the car followed the same principal, to not only give the impression of a completely coherent livery, but also because it would have just looked better. I guess more colour than grey is a good thing though.

Can’t complain too much about this one. It’s yet another grey livery with some very common colours, but at least it’s somewhat attractive. At least from the side view it looks quite nice, as the intersection of the red and silver is hidden! On the other hand, Manor have produced something entirely different.

Manor 1

I don’t know how, but I’ve managed to fluke the new Manor colour scheme with my original mockup design! Everything else about the design is way off, but how bizarre. Either way, my favourite colour combination (not navy, but close!) is finally on the grid. And thank God for Manor, for bringing some colour to the grid!

The design itself is way simple. Metallic blue along the sides, with metallic orange on the top, split by a thin layer of white. There is a great little bit of intricacy with the barely visible Manor logo on the engine cover. I wish the front wing endplate was black to match the rear wing endplate though, or no black at all. It seems to dsrupt the livery toward the back.

Manor 2

For some reason I had a much lighter shade of blue in mind after seeing their new logo, but I guess that being metallic, it will look a lot lighter out in the sun and judging from the picture above, it is.

With Toro Rosso and Renault using testing liveries and Williams, Force India and Sauber not making any changes of note (yet, hopefully), I guess we’ll have to wait until round 1 in Melbourne for a nice big round up!



Livery Launch – Haas VF-16 & Manor MRT05

Livery Mockups – 2016 Formula 1 Field

The 2016 season is getting ever closer and one of the most exciting parts of the season, the launches, are just around the corner. I started a small tradition last year by making some livery mock ups (pre-blog), keeping in mind what I’d like to see but also what the team would realistically allow. This means, restraining my creativity to the team’s traditions and most importantly, sponsors. Here’s what I’ve created, in alphabetical order. Shout out to my peeps over at International Motorsport Graphics (IMG) and Pieczar especially for the beautiful template.



2016 Ferrari

This was the easiest livery to predict. Ferrari didn’t do much wrong with their livery last season and that was helped by having arguably the best looking chasis in the field. However, I’ve made a couple of changes. The first is the universally disliked Scuderia Ferrari logo. Phillip Morris inspired or not, it just doesn’t look good. I’ve taken the lettering from it and tucked it away next to the air box with the Ferrari logo underneath it. The second is the return of a deeper, metallic red (I wish I could better accentuate the metallic paint). They’ve been using a flat, bright red for a number of years now and a return to that 2008 shade or one similar would be fantastic. A third change is the removal of most of the white. Most notable behind the Santander logo (wishful thinking, I know), it’s a look Ferrari haven’t really had since the early 90s. Would love to see something like this. Possible? Yes. Likely? Probably not while Santander are around.

Force India

2016 Force India

The 2015 Force India was revealed to a chorus of groans, with another load of dull colours unleashed into the F1 world. What I’ve done with this is bring back Force India’s traditional, vibrant colours. Black is still the main colour, but rather than drab silver, orange takes up most of the sidepod and bright green compliments the other two colours. I’ve also de-cluttered the engine cover. I’d be happy to see this on the grid!


2016 Haas

Unfortunately, I feel as though a lot of people will be disappointed with Haas’ first livery. Despite rumours of a Ferrari yellow livery, all official pictures and video released by the team point to a white, red and black colour scheme. With no word on the team’s sponsors, I’ve turned to the drivers’ personal sponsors for some inspiration. Now that I mention it, I don’t see Total fuelling Ferrari engines, but it’s better than a blank space. Either way, the shade of red chosen by Haas is lovely and importantly, different to Ferrari. The black is somewhat inspired by the later BAR/Honda liveries. It will be interesting to see which sponsors will be announced and I’ll be pleasantly surprised if there is any yellow on the car.


2016 Manor

Until a few days ago, I had created a weird blue and orange livery, based on the colours on Flex-Box’s website. Since then, Manor released a new official logo which is straight black and white and has inspired me to start fresh. There’s been no word on whether or not any of Manor’s sponsors from 2015 will carry on to 2016 (apart from Airbnb), but it certainly helps get a livery started! I’ve decided to create a mostly plain black and white livery to match their new logo. It does slightly remind me of the West McLarens, but there’s no grey so I’ll let myself off. The black and white diagonal stripey bits are also based on the new logo and add some texture to the very basic colours. I’ve also included orange (as mentioned above, Flex-Box has orange in their logo on their website), to add some vibrancy and it pops on the black. It also creates a bit of a 60s BRM feel. Whatever happens, I do hope they move away from the red white and black, as not only is it getting old, but I’d hate to see Manor and Haas produce similar liveries.


2016 McLaren Plain

The 2015 livery disappointed me on a number of levels. The first livery was boring and the level of disappointment was heightened by the expectation of the exciting new Honda partnership. Despite this, I thought the sparkly black that was used was unique and attractive. Later in the season, everyone was happy to see McLaren acknowledge the fact that people were disappointed and create something new. It was a decent livery, but unfortunately the sparkly black was gone, and the hideous bordering of the red sections remained.

I tried for days to create something with McLaren’s black and I couldn’t make anything I liked. I finally succumbed to my heart and reverted back to my prediction from the start of last season and went with Honda white. Suddenly, my creative juices were flowing, but knowing McLaren and a certain Mr. Dennis, I made sure to restrain myself. I decided on a very simple design, which retains McLaren’s orangey-red, but on a white background instead of black. The red lines flow from end to end and make a blank canvas a little more interesting. I’ve also added a couple of semi-realistic main sponsors, in Aegon and MasterCard (boring industries lol) just to see what the McLaren might look like with a full sidepod.


2016 Mercedes

If there’s any team I struggled on more than McLaren, it was Mercedes. I have to give credit to Mercedes; it was terribly difficult to create anything attractive with the silver and turquoise, so they’ve done well to not produce any awful liveries the last few years. That said, I’ve had to go for something quite unrealistic, both in terms of colour and design, in order to make something I considered semi-attractive.

A lot of black on this and I’d be happy to see more of a third colour to break up the other two on the real car. The swooping design may be a bit much for the usually classy Mercedes, but I’m hoping a more metallic silver at least could make for an exciting change for 2016.

Red Bull

2016 Red Bull

This would have to be one of the most ambitious of the lot, but for good reason. Infiniti are gone, as are Renault (well, at least by name), therefore, two big colour components, the large areas of purple and Total red, may be off the car.

The big changes I’ve made are the Red Bull logo going back on the sidepod and the Red Bull can design on the engine cover, with the double bulls as opposed to the one big single bull. Another big change is green as the highlight colour. With Tag Heuer coming on board, I’ve taken the liberty of using their green to border some of the silver sections from the blue. The more I look at this one, the more Sauber Petronas I see. Whatever happens, a break from the usual would be great. That said, last season’s livery was the biggest change in years.


2016 Renault

Renault is back as a constructor and I’m sure I’m not the only one happy about it! Most fantasy liveries so far have been yellow and black (and white), but I have a feeling that they will follow in the footsteps of the Formula E team and go with yellow and blue. The blue used by the Renault eDams is beautiful and I’d be stoked if the F1 team used something similar. I’ve gone with four main colours, which is risky, but I feel as though it’s not overwhelming. Regrettably, I’ve added a bit of red for PDVSA (yes, I believe Maldonado will stay) and Total, and while they do throw out the balance, I have to remain realistic. It does give off a bit of a Mild Seven feel though, doesn’t it.


2016 Sauber

Sauber were spoilt with two colours that were not only great individually, but beautiful together. Unfortunately, they slapped us in the face with a boring, uninspired livery which disappointed me immensely. I’ve tried my best to make up for their mistakes with this effort for 2016. I’ve made it completely two tone, getting completely rid of the white and making the most of the great colour combination, with the top half blue and the bottom half yellow. The spikes have a bit of a GP2 vibe, but I feel as though the horizontal yellow lines give some F1 style class, creating a nice balance. Please Sauber, don’t let us down this year!

Toro Rosso

2016 Toro Rosso

This is very similar to my mockup from last season, but with even more justification. Cepsa and their loud red rear wings are gone and my hope for a simple livery grows. I’ve banished red and gold from my livery entirely and this creates, what I feel, a beautifully simple livery. The complicated, dated bull is gone and replaced with a simple, clean one. The Red Bull logo too is less obnoxious in its outlined state. The subtle pinstripes add some depth and the rear wing now contains an outline of the Red Bull can design. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see anything like this, but it’s not impossible.


2016 Williams

Last but not least, Williams. The introduction of the Martini livery was loved by all and still looks good. However, next season could be a chance to change it up a bit. I’ve gone with the Martini stripe along the entire side of the car. It’s something I don’t entirely believe is better than what they currently have, but it’s different. Three years with an identical livery is too long in my opinion. Small changes year by year (like Sauber and Jordan in the 1990s and 2000s) allow for a team and sponsor to be refreshed and re-loved for another couple of years.

Well these are my thoughts, hopes and expectations for the coming season. Let’s see just how happy or disappointed we will be come February.

Livery Mockups – 2016 Formula 1 Field

Update – Manor unveil new sponsor

Manor have surprised us today with a new sponsor and a coinciding updated livery.

Manor 1

Flex-Box are in the shipping container business and have decided to put their advertising money to use on the Manor’s sidepods. Adding a fourth colour to any livery is very risky, but Manor have done well, seemingly replacing the white sidepods with blue. Upon closer inspection, the design has changed slightly toward the rear. There is now a diagonal black area separating the blue and red from the rear of the car, instead of the black stripe splitting the red and white along the sidepod.

The Flex-Box logo itself matches well, as it is red and white, although the large blue area will take some getting used to. The blue area is cut off by white just before the front of the sidepods, which is a great way to split the new area and the old white area. This will be seen much more obviously in other angles.

The only thing that doesn’t quite work now is the rear wing endplate. I feel it would work much better in plain black, especially since the diagonal black area has been added to the rear of the car. It would much more seamlessly with the rest of the car that way. Alternatively, if all black areas were replaced with white, the livery would have one less colour, would be a little less complex and could be easier on the eye. Here’s a quick mock-up of how it would look.

Manor 2

Very glad to see more colour on the grid and hopefully these extra dollars can get Manor kicking on a competitive 2016 car.

Update – Manor unveil new sponsor