Livery of the Day – eBay Motors BMW 125i


I don’t catch a lot of BTCC and I haven’t in a couple of years. From the little that I did watch when it happened to pop up on the TV here in Australia, I remember a couple of things. Nose to tail racing all day, whiny engines compared to the mighty V8s I was used to watching, and some awful liveries such as the Airwaves Fiesta and the eBay BMW. The old eBay logo was outdated and looked awful on a racing car and thankfully, they updated it, allowing the team to create something wonderful around it.


For 2013 and 2014, the trio behind the wheels of the eBay machines were Rob Collard, Nick Foster and Colin Turkington. They were treated to a couple of good seasons, including the team’s championship in 2014 and a driver’s title for Turkington the same year. Most importantly, the liveries were lovely.


The new eBay logo was long overdue and it made a huge difference. The simple font in plain white was easy to read and was much easier on the eye than the old one. It also contrasted well to the now mainly black car. eBay’s signature red, blue, yellow and green were placed carefully on the car, ensuring the black remained the main colour on the car.

Rob Collard (GBR) eBay Motors BMW 125i M Sport

Having five colours on the car and making it look good, especially as bright and different each of the colours are, is an incredible feat. The 2013 car was a little simpler, keeping the lines clean, whilst the 2014 livery was a little more out there, with jagged edges the design theme. The two sides of the car were in opposing colours and yet the livery as a whole is still very harmonious.


A vibrant livery, whilst keeping a lot of class with the black as the main colour. Shame eBay pulled out at the end of 2014! Not that they need to exposure.

Livery of the Day – eBay Motors BMW 125i