Livery Launch – Sauber C36

Disappointing liveries so far: 0/2. Sauber have come out and completely surprised me with this beauty.


Now I knew that it was going to be blue and white, I’d just hoped that they’d make it a little more interesting than last year. Little did I know something as beautiful as this would be unleashed! A beautiful shade of metallic blue, boldly put alongside fresh, clean white.


Then to celebrate their 25th F1 anniversary, an elegant gold, reminiscent of the 2012 HRT (but better) in the shape of two (well, four) lines from the nose mounts all the way to the rear wing. I’ll even forgive the pinstripes as they are totally uniform. Unsure about the circle blob take out of the white on the sidepod, but whatever. It even has white rims! It’s a near sponsor-less livery that doesn’t look empty. Mission accomplished.

Livery Launch – Sauber C36

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