Livery Launch – Williams FW40

So the first livery has been revealed for 2017 and the disappointment has already begun! Williams have given us a rendered preview of the FW40, with an almost identical design as the last three years on the car.


I have to admit that there are slight differences, namely the stripes on the engine cover not fanning out as they did last year, staying almost uniform in size all the way to the rear. However, this does confirm what I said in last year’s round up:

Williams seem to have a tradition of sticking with the same livery throughout a main sponsor’s time with the team. This meant mainly unchanged Fly Saudia and Rothmans liveries for four years, Compaq/HP for five and Cannon for a solid nine years. If this is anything to go by, we’ve got at least one more year to go, sponsorship contracts permitting.

That said, it still looks nice, although it’s slowly crawling from nice to old and boring. On the other hand, this is just a render, and could only be a placeholder livery. We will have to wait and see!

For those playing at home, did anyone notice the nose looked a little funny? Looks like an S-Duct. Initially I thought someone had screwed up the render skinning, but perhaps this is an aerodynamic element of the car and is actually raised.


Livery Launch – Williams FW40

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