Livery Updates – Some (Mainly) Black V8 Supercar Livery Updates

A bit slow to punch, but here are the latest, mostly black V8 Supercars livery changes. Also, just thought I’d just mention that I’m aware the pictures are looking a little dodgy, can’t help the compression of the embedded pictures on this site, but if you click the on them, they should look just fine when expanded!

Caruso NFS

Nissan Financial Services on the side of Caruso’s car this week and another decent design for Nissan; black with red and white jagged bits. I like the look of the splitter in red and the boot in white, a cool contrast from front to back.

Davies 2

So another black, red and white car, this time for Shae Davies first race in the Erebus Commodore, although the more limited red and white look a little nicer than Nissan’s update in my opinion. Some nice subtle white and red line, all with purpose rather than being slapped on the car.

Coulthard MAN

Not the first time MAN has been on the DJR Team Penske machines, but the first time with the red accent. Nice combination.


LDM have sorted out their sponsorship issues and have Repair Management Australia on the cars. Probably the weakest of the updates and the black cars overall. The design is a little odd to me; something about the line above the RMA logo throws me off.

Chris Pither

And finishing with Super Black Racing, who have paid tribute to their late owner Tony Lentino with the above. Very sad for the team and especially his family, as he lost his battle with cancer at the age of 42.

Livery Updates – Some (Mainly) Black V8 Supercar Livery Updates

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