Livery Updates – Some (Mainly) Black V8 Supercar Livery Updates

A bit slow to punch, but here are the latest, mostly black V8 Supercars livery changes. Also, just thought I’d just mention that I’m aware the pictures are looking a little dodgy, can’t help the compression of the embedded pictures on this site, but if you click the on them, they should look just fine when expanded!

Caruso NFS

Nissan Financial Services on the side of Caruso’s car this week and another decent design for Nissan; black with red and white jagged bits. I like the look of the splitter in red and the boot in white, a cool contrast from front to back.

Davies 2

So another black, red and white car, this time for Shae Davies first race in the Erebus Commodore, although the more limited red and white look a little nicer than Nissan’s update in my opinion. Some nice subtle white and red line, all with purpose rather than being slapped on the car.

Coulthard MAN

Not the first time MAN has been on the DJR Team Penske machines, but the first time with the red accent. Nice combination.


LDM have sorted out their sponsorship issues and have Repair Management Australia on the cars. Probably the weakest of the updates and the black cars overall. The design is a little odd to me; something about the line above the RMA logo throws me off.

Chris Pither

And finishing with Super Black Racing, who have paid tribute to their late owner Tony Lentino with the above. Very sad for the team and especially his family, as he lost his battle with cancer at the age of 42.

Livery Launches – Mahindra, NextEV & Venturi Formula E and KTM MotoGP

So things are starting to warm up with the new Formula E season under two months away. Mahindra has shown its hand, presenting its new livery and driver pairing of Nick Heidfeld and Felix Rosenqvist.

Mahindra16-17 1

Mahindra did the awesome thing of putting their 2016-17 livery up to their fans. The made a shortlist of 14 fan made liveries and decided on this one, made by Adra Haro Jorba of Spain, which just happened to be my pick of the bunch too.

Mahindra16-17 2

A lovely unique design, split pretty evenly between red and white, with red lines of varying width all over the car. I’d also like to note that I don’t mind the new front wing introduced this season. Adds a bit of personality to what was a very bland and generic open wheeler for the first two seasons.

NextEV 16-17

NextEV had a brilliant livery last season, so whilst having a similar design, I can’t help but feel the metallic, slightly darker shade of blue is a bit of a downgrade. Nice carbon touches though, so I’ll wait until round one before giving my full judgement! Nelson Piquet Jr. and Oliver Turvey have been retained by the team.

Venturi 17-16 2

Venturi is another team that has launched its new livery, along with new driver Maro Engel, who will be joining Stéphane Sarrazin.

Venturi 17-16 1

Despite still being mainly black, the livery has changed rather significantly. There are two red bands, one red and one blue, on the end of the sidepods, which are an interesting design choice for a single seater, but not much else. It gave me instant FC Basel vibes for understandable reasons, but at the same time, Basel invokes different memories for some when it comes to Motorpsort. Perhaps a story for another day…

KTM 2017 2

KTM will be stepping up to the premier class for the first time next season and have launched the bike and livery they will be racing with. Bradley Smith and Pol Espargaró will be riding the machine which quite frankly, isn’t far off what I had expected. It takes a lot of inspiration from their Moto3 bikes, with the navy blue for Red Bull and orange of course for KTM, which might I add is a favourite colour combination of mine.

KTM 2017 1

The bike will make its debut in Valencia this year, which has been tested this year by Mika Kallio, Alex Hofmann and Randy De Puniet.

Livery of the Day – Toyota GT-One 1998

The Toyota GT-One was a car first introduced to me back on Gran Turismo 2. It was a classic game that I spent years playing and one that showed me just how many cars existed and in how many forms. The GT-One certainly stuck out with it’s unique looks and super fast, super grippy on track performance. Gran Turismo 4 implanted this car further in my memory, buying the special all black version from the used car section, but it was red one the stuck with me.

gtone 5

Toyota entered the Le Mans in 1998 with this beast in the GT1 class. The rules stated that as this was the GT class and not the Prototype class, the cars needed to be based on a road car. So Toyota built the GT-One and afterwards, built the minimum number of road cars; one. A cheeky way of getting around the rules, but completely legal.

1998 Le Mans 24 Hours

The car was super fast and was an outside favourite to take the outright win, and although it did impress in the race, it never did achieve a victory. Regardless, the car lives long in the memory, thanks in part to the livery.

gtone 4

The livery gave birth (at least I think!) to Toyota’s now iconic tear design. This version was a red base, with tears sweeping from the front of the car to the back, as if the sheer speed of the car had ripped the paint right off. At the time it was a very unique design and looked completely in harmony with itself, despite the variety of the shapes and sizes of the tears.

gtone 3

The shape of a car lends itself to a design and can often be the determining factor, as to whether or not a good livery can be made in the first place. A car like this has no problem. The beautiful sweeping curves, especially the downturn fro the roof to the tail, are nothing short of sexy, and the design makes full use, giving it a speedy look in the process.

gtone 2

Unfortunately the GT-One was entered in just two Le Mans 24 hour races, with a far more basic and bland livery on the cars for 1999. This was the result of Marlboro sponsorship, and I didn’t put two and two together until I read that fact, despite it being such an obviously Marlboro design. Anti-tobacco laws in France meant that the worded logo could not appear on the car. The silver lining was that the same group went on to form the Toyota F1 project.

Toyota F1 would rekindle and create the tradition of the tear livery, whilst also continuing the tradition of never reaching their potential. The former frustrated me for years (6 years in fact), before the slight design changed in 2008 kept me from going nuts. Despite all this, it was great to see Toyota back at top level Motorsport with their Le Mans entry in 2012 and hope that they do achieve the victory that has eluded them all these years, especially after the heartbreaking last lap failure whilst in the lead this year. Would be nice to have them back in F1 too.

Livery of the Day – Blusens Paris Hilton Racing Aprilia

Back in 2011, in the last year of the old 125cc championship, this happened:

Paris 1

Blusens joined forces with Paris Hilton and went racing in the 125s. Who would have thought Paris Hilton would get into the world of Motorsport? They began the season with the experienced Sergio Gadea and new face Maverick Viñales, who would prove to be quite a talent, going on to finish 3rd in his debut season, winning four races along the way. The bike made quite an impact too, with a healthy coating of pink.

Paris 3

It’s still a mainly white and blue livery, which is nice enough, but the addition of pink, rather than a regular red, mixes it up a little and adds an distinctive Paris (cliche) touch to the bike. The design itself is nice. The thick blue sections along the front and side of the bike are bordered by white and pink lines, with similar pink, white and blue stripes on the front of the bike, which flow nicely onto the riders’ leathers.

Paris 4

However, this was the real kicker. The team chose to promote the SuperMartXé, a huge club/party/festival thing in Ibiza and in doing so added a bunch more pink. This took the livery to another level. The design was a lot more unique, with the pink, blue and white lines from the front to the tail more evenly split and making the bike a little brighter. The fuel tank was now pink with white stars in a blue stripe, reminiscent of the Confederate Flag, and even more pink stars on the bottom of the bike. Everything matched very well and the added pink actually improved the design. I actually quite like this livery and I believe it could have looked even better with white wheels.

Paris’ involvement with the team only lasted a year, but left enough of an impact for me to remember the livery out of nowhere earlier today and decide to make a blog post about it. How about that.