Livery Updates -Nissan and DJR Team Penske

Nissan unveiled a new livery for Caruso’s Altima in Ipswich.

Caruso GT

This livery promotes the Nissan GT Academy, bringing promising drivers from sim racing to real life Motorsport championships. It’s certainly one of the best uses of grey I’ve ever seen. The matte paint is accompanied by small flashes of regular shiny black, which have red and white strips within it.

Curso GT 2

The back is mostly black giving a more even spread of the matte and shiny textures. Lots of sharp edges on this design but still look well coordinated. Great looking car.

DJR have surprised the grid with another change.

DJR BlueI believe this is a return to a colour palette used before and it works well enough. I do miss the pink though!

Went through this last time, but LDM are all black at the moment. There’s something about all black liveries that just makes the cars looks awesome.

Andre Heimgartner

They should be boring, but end up looking great. Just need a couple more logos there for the team’s sake.

Livery Updates -Nissan and DJR Team Penske

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