Livery Updates -Nissan and DJR Team Penske

Nissan unveiled a new livery for Caruso’s Altima in Ipswich.

Caruso GT

This livery promotes the Nissan GT Academy, bringing promising drivers from sim racing to real life Motorsport championships. It’s certainly one of the best uses of grey I’ve ever seen. The matte paint is accompanied by small flashes of regular shiny black, which have red and white strips within it.

Curso GT 2

The back is mostly black giving a more even spread of the matte and shiny textures. Lots of sharp edges on this design but still look well coordinated. Great looking car.

DJR have surprised the grid with another change.

DJR BlueI believe this is a return to a colour palette used before and it works well enough. I do miss the pink though!

Went through this last time, but LDM are all black at the moment. There’s something about all black liveries that just makes the cars looks awesome.

Andre Heimgartner

They should be boring, but end up looking great. Just need a couple more logos there for the team’s sake.

Livery of the Day – Paul Morris Motorsport “Big Kev” Commodore

In 2000, now Bathurst winner Paul Morris purchased a former Holden Racing Team Commodore to race in the Shell V8 Supercars Championship. The livery that adorned it will go down as one of the most unusual of all time.

Big Kev 2

Let’s be honest, it’s pretty damn hideous! The main sponsor, Big Kev, was a range of cleaning products owned by Big Kev himself, Kevin McQuay. Big Kev would become famous around Australia for his TV commercial catchphrase “I’m excited!”, which I for one ran around the school playground imitating with my friends. An interesting personality but a brand you wouldn’t normally associate with motorsport.

Big Kev 3

The car was mainly yellow and faded sharply into a deep orange on the bottom of the sides, with the very bottom in straight black. The Big Kev logo was blue with a thick white border and placed nice and big on the side of the car. It’s a nice clear logo but underneath it is a silhouette of a palm tree and some white tropical flowers. This could have a deeper meaning (albeit unlikely), but to me it just looks like something you’d find in a gift shop from your last tropical holiday.

4 T

However, the kicker on this livery is Big Kev himself, as a big cut out on the rear quarter panel. Roughly cropped and with and “I’m excited!” speech bubble coming out of his mouth, this bit of design is absolutely absurd, but something we remember fondly, in the worst kind of way.

The livery was retained for 2001 as well and I remember this car specifically when playing V8 Supercars on PS2 (I believe TOCA Race Driver outside of Australia). So take this as a reminder that ugly cars can be appreciated down the track, even if they are ridiculed at the initial launch. I wonder what other cars we’ll look back at with fond memories in a few years?

As an aside, here’s probably the moment this car is remembered for most:

Livery Updates – Nissan, BJR & LDM

Turns out I missed a few yesterday so here they are.


Nissan have begun a new partnership with Melbourne City and have decked out Caruso’s #33 car in sky blue to show it off.

Nissan City

I find this to be a little underwhelming, much like City’s home strip which this is based on, albeit with inverted colours. Fistly, I dislike the secondary blue that is used. It doesn’t match the sky blue very well and the livery would have been better off with navy blue or black. In fact, I’m not sure why they’ve used that blue at all considering black is used on the City shirts. The The off centre stripe is OK and the Melbourne City emblem on the bonnet actually looks great, but it’s not so attractive on the side. The soccer ball shaped design on the top doesn’t look good at all.

Nissan Boatsales

Todd Kelly sees his car’s secondary colour change from blue to yellow, with Carsales promoting their site Boatsales. This design looks nice in both colours.

Brad Jones Racing

BJR Alliance

Here’s a livery that may be confused with the Penrite machine from a distance. Tim Slade’s #14 car will feature a new sponsor for Townsville in Alliance Truck Parts. A nice simple logo, which is innocuously massive and looks great with the strong yellow against the black. The livery is indeed mostly black but has a line and the secondary Alliance logo on the side in a subtle grey, which stands out just enough to be seen, but enough to not bother the main logo which it is behind. There is also a yellow line under the aforementioned grey line, as well as some lovely piping around the front lights, grille, and intake, which look fantastic. An improvement could have been to add further piping along the top of the door frames, which look a little bare. That said, no real complaints with this one.

Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport

LDM Blank

There isn’t much to be read on this, but it seems as though LDM have bungled a sponsorship deal for Townsville and have been forced not to use that sponsor’s logo, with the company affiliated with tobacco. It therefore seems that they will run all black liveries, which will probably look great as most black liveries do, but the circumstances are just unusual. Tekno ran plain white liveries for a while a couple of years ago, but that was through their inability to find sponsorship. Quite laughable that such a mistake could be made, considering how long tobacco sponsorship has been banned for.

Livery Updates – Amlin Andretti & DJR Team Penske

Amlin Andretti

First up, it’s a preview for next season from Amlin Andretti Formula E.

Amlin Andretti 1

After a straight sponsorship and livery move from Team Aguri to Andretti, we finally have the livery we deserved at the beginning of the season. The reflective blue remains, but only on the top of the car. The sides are now white and adds a much needed main second colour to the car.

Andretti Amlin 2

It actually harks back to Andretti’s season one livery, but is certainly an improvement. The white and blue are split nice and cleanly by a solid red line from half way down the nose to the rear. The most interesting bit now is the cool red ribbon effect on the white section, which waves its way from below the cockpit to the tip of the nose. A very pleasing effort overall.

DJR Team Penske

DJR Penske Hogs

Well it was bound to happen. Hog’s Breath Cafe are finally main sponsors on a car and it certainly lives up to my expectations. The pink actually isn’t bad at all and seeing as it is the main colour, the Hog itself doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb and looks kinda cool on the side there. Everything more or less matches and despite being the same old Penske design, this is one of the better variations they’ve used this year. Definitely won’t miss it out on track!