Livery of the Day – Ferrari 643

A year and no Ferrari for Livery of the Day? Let’s fix that.

Ferrari 1

After finishing runner-up in the 1990 season in spectacular fashion, Alain Prost stayed on with Ferrari in the hope that he’d have another championship contending car to take to the fight with McLaren and Williams. Unfortunately for Prost, it wasn’t quite good enough and after letting everyone know it, he was promptly replaced for the last race of the season with Gianni Morbidelli. The other Ferrari seat was filled by Jean Alesi, who was snapped up after one and a half impressive seasons with Tyrrell.

Ferrari 2

The 643 was Ferrari’s second car of the season, used from the French Grand Prix onward and easily the better looking of the two. The livery too was different on this one and quite unique for Ferrari. The side of the cockpit and nose featured a black panel, which I assume is actually carbon fiber and is one of those design decisions, that whether by choice or not, looks awesome. It runs right along the edge of the side and fills up the section nicely, although because it is a panel, it ends abruptly at the tip of the nose.

Another bit of the design that also looks like a panel rather than vinyl, is the black section right in front of the cockpit. It’s simple but adds something unique and less edgy to what could have otherwise been a pretty simple and unmemorable livery. However, that’s not the real winner on this car.

Ferrari 7

The all black wings on this Ferrari are something that I’ve been wishing Ferrari to go back to for years now. It compliments the red so well and makes the entire livery so classy, something that Santander won’t currently allow to happen. That said, they’re not all black. As far as logo placement goes, the Agip logo on the rear wing is up there with my all time favourites. Its absolutely perfectly placed and is something I’ve replicated on many occasions, on many different cars to great effect.

However, Ferrari in the 90s made a habit of dumping numerous logos on the engine cover and sidepods. Somehow or rather, it doesn’t seem to bother me all that much. Whether it be nostalgia or some other reason, it skips what I assume would have been quite a harsh assessment of cluttered and unmethodical, but so be it!

Ferrari 6

One of the all time best Ferrari liveries in my opinion, one that looks different but great from every angle. I hope that one day, perhaps if Santander decided to wrap up their sponsorship, Ferrari can once again fiddle with all black wings.

Livery of the Day – Ferrari 643

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