Livery Updates -Team Vortex & DJR Team Penske…Again

An interesting one off livery for Craig Lowndes this weekend in Darwin. The new livery highlights the team’s support of the Clontarf Foundation and the livery design itself was made by Daniel Thomson, a local 14 year old schoolboy! Great effort from the lad.


Great use of a range of lighter blues and yellows, all of which complement the usual Vortex blue-green. The design itself is also a great example of Indigenous artwork, and a pleasant surprise to see it work so well on a racing car.

As for the DJR Team Penske machines, it’s the usual new sponsor colours, same design affair. The Mighty Mite colours work well as you’d expect from blue and yellow, although I think more yellow than black may have looked better.

DJR Mighty Mite 2

The Taubman’s machine looks a  little more generic. It’s a logo that works well on the side of the car, but perhaps needs a unique design to get all of its colours on the car. Just a little tired of this design now. I’m sure making different designs for each new sponsor could be costly, but the same one in different colours over and over is just a little boring now isn’t it? Should take a few liberties to at least make some unique changes to the usual livery for each sponsor at least.

DJR Taubmans

Livery Updates -Team Vortex & DJR Team Penske…Again

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