Livery of the Day – Ferrari 643

A year and no Ferrari for Livery of the Day? Let’s fix that.

Ferrari 1

After finishing runner-up in the 1990 season in spectacular fashion, Alain Prost stayed on with Ferrari in the hope that he’d have another championship contending car to take to the fight with McLaren and Williams. Unfortunately for Prost, it wasn’t quite good enough and after letting everyone know it, he was promptly replaced for the last race of the season with Gianni Morbidelli. The other Ferrari seat was filled by Jean Alesi, who was snapped up after one and a half impressive seasons with Tyrrell.

Ferrari 2

The 643 was Ferrari’s second car of the season, used from the French Grand Prix onward and easily the better looking of the two. The livery too was different on this one and quite unique for Ferrari. The side of the cockpit and nose featured a black panel, which I assume is actually carbon fiber and is one of those design decisions, that whether by choice or not, looks awesome. It runs right along the edge of the side and fills up the section nicely, although because it is a panel, it ends abruptly at the tip of the nose.

Another bit of the design that also looks like a panel rather than vinyl, is the black section right in front of the cockpit. It’s simple but adds something unique and less edgy to what could have otherwise been a pretty simple and unmemorable livery. However, that’s not the real winner on this car.

Ferrari 7

The all black wings on this Ferrari are something that I’ve been wishing Ferrari to go back to for years now. It compliments the red so well and makes the entire livery so classy, something that Santander won’t currently allow to happen. That said, they’re not all black. As far as logo placement goes, the Agip logo on the rear wing is up there with my all time favourites. Its absolutely perfectly placed and is something I’ve replicated on many occasions, on many different cars to great effect.

However, Ferrari in the 90s made a habit of dumping numerous logos on the engine cover and sidepods. Somehow or rather, it doesn’t seem to bother me all that much. Whether it be nostalgia or some other reason, it skips what I assume would have been quite a harsh assessment of cluttered and unmethodical, but so be it!

Ferrari 6

One of the all time best Ferrari liveries in my opinion, one that looks different but great from every angle. I hope that one day, perhaps if Santander decided to wrap up their sponsorship, Ferrari can once again fiddle with all black wings.

Livery of the Day – Ferrari 643

Livery Updates -Team Vortex & DJR Team Penske…Again

An interesting one off livery for Craig Lowndes this weekend in Darwin. The new livery highlights the team’s support of the Clontarf Foundation and the livery design itself was made by Daniel Thomson, a local 14 year old schoolboy! Great effort from the lad.


Great use of a range of lighter blues and yellows, all of which complement the usual Vortex blue-green. The design itself is also a great example of Indigenous artwork, and a pleasant surprise to see it work so well on a racing car.

As for the DJR Team Penske machines, it’s the usual new sponsor colours, same design affair. The Mighty Mite colours work well as you’d expect from blue and yellow, although I think more yellow than black may have looked better.

DJR Mighty Mite 2

The Taubman’s machine looks a  little more generic. It’s a logo that works well on the side of the car, but perhaps needs a unique design to get all of its colours on the car. Just a little tired of this design now. I’m sure making different designs for each new sponsor could be costly, but the same one in different colours over and over is just a little boring now isn’t it? Should take a few liberties to at least make some unique changes to the usual livery for each sponsor at least.

DJR Taubmans

Livery Updates -Team Vortex & DJR Team Penske…Again

Round-Up – 2016 Indy 500 Field

The Indy 500 was run last Sunday and what a race it was! So unpredictable right to the end. If only it wasn’t on at a stupid hour in the morning over here so I could watch the whole thing live. Anyway, here are the many alternate and one-off liveries from the 500!

A.J. Foyt Enterprises

#35 Alex Tagliani

IndyCar Indy 500 Auto Racing

Not much to say about this one. Mainly black, with a red section along the side that increases in size from front to back. Some nice red flashes here and there, but then there are orange ones too which shouldn’t really be there.


Andretti Autosport

#26 Carlos Muñoz


A far better effort than the usual empty livery. Completely different colours in black and light blue, which go very well together. Interesting design that features a yolk over the cockpit which ends just before the nose number and goes toward the rear. It also juts out and carries along the top of the sidepods. The blue and black are split by a thin white pinstripe. He still has the Colombian flag on the front wing end plates, which surprisingly doesn’t match as well as on the other livery. Nice overall and gives and the colour scheme gives off a NEXTEV feel.



#29 Townsend Bell


This livery is odd. We have bright yellow on the top half, light grey on the sidepods and a blue stripey textured section on the side of the nose and front portion of the sidepods. A really odd choice of colours, seemingly due to the sponsors, but surely there was a better way to lay them out? As proven by HAAS F1, white would have worked better than light grey and the thin red lines separating all the colours only adds another colour to the already overflowing palette.

The very front of the nose, where the blue fades into the white on top is actually quite nice and if the livery was based around that, it would achieve a much higher rating. As it is, it looks like three liveries mashed into one and doesn’t work.



Andretti Herta Autosport

#98 Alexander Rossi


What a story! A rookie winning the 500. Absolutely awesome. The livery wasn’t half bad either. Nice blue and yellow combo in the usual Andretti design, although the black Castrol section doesn’t work as well as it did on the black and white livery.




Dale Coyne Racing

#18 Conor Daly


As patriotic livery as you could expect for an Indy 500! The same great design as the other DCR cars, but with the added twist of an american flag fill on the nose and engine cover. As cheesy as it is, it works pretty well.

The downsides for me start at the different shades of blue, which don’t seem to match. Considering how well the greens on the other car work, I thought they’d manage to make it work on this one too. Secondly, apart from the reds on the flag and elsewhere not exactly matching either, the flag design is placed on the car oddly, so it looks like it cuts into the normal red lines. Perhaps its just how it was done on this occasion and looks a little better here, but it’s a little off putting. Still appealing overall, without looking too closely at the details.

Also has to be noted that Daly’s usual livery was seemingly transferred to Brian Clauson.


#63 Pippa Mann


A little cliche perhaps to see the only woman in the field in a pink car, but the main sponsor in a breast cancer organisation is a great cause, so I can’t fault the choice. It’s actually a little refreshing to see this colour, since it’s very rare to see pink in any form of motorsport. The design is the same as the other Coyne cars, but is a little empty on the engine cover.



Dreyer & Reinbold Racing

#24 Sage Karam


This reminds me a lot of Pagenaud’s HP livery. Similar design with similar colours although you can’t confuse the big GasMonkey logo on the sidpod. Quite basic, surely they could have put a little more of that green on the car to help it stand out a bit more?



Ed Carpenter Racing

#6 J.R. Hildebrand


Not too plain for a white car. The dark blue accents look nice against the bright white, especially on the wings. The line along the nose is actually the same design as on Carpenter’s car, but works better with this colour combo and no outline. Really liking that shade of slightly metallic blue.


#21 Josef Newgarden


This is the same design as Hildebrand’s car with the colours inverted and a few different sponsors. Looks just as good, although I think the dark accents on the light background work a little better. Perhaps white wings could have completed the look.



KVSH Racing

#25 Stefan Wilson


This one is a little strange. Too many colours that don’t match I’m afraid. Yellow, orange, green and blue all on the same car? You’d be hard pressed to find a livery designer to make those look good, especially in those shades. The design itself isn’t groundbreaking, but feels kind of traditional IndyCar in a way (if you disregard the colours). Just unusual and unpleasant.


Lazier Burns Racing

#4 Buddy Lazier


A low key effort here. Mainly white with some bright red along the bottom half, sweeping onto the nose and the rear wing. It has a black pinstripe following that section, as well as some yellow on the mirrors and T-cam. Kinda forgettable.



PIRTEK Team Murray

#61 Matthew Brabham


Pirtek often lends itself to great liveries and this one is up there. IT’s a dark blue with black on the top, split nicely with a darker shade of red than I’d usually expect from a Pirtek livery. It’s simple, clean, has some nice colour trimming on the endplates and mirrors and is generally pleasing to look at. Missing something to make it incredible, but a very good effort nonetheless.



Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing

#16 Spencer Pigot


I like this colour combination, as I’ve mentioned before when referring to earlier Hunter-Reay DHL liveries. This one is simple, but it’s a pleasant yellow and split nicely from the white with a thin black line. May have looked nicer if the white section had gone all the way behind the cockpit rather than cut through it, but overall it’s a simple, neat livery.



Schmidt Peterson Motorsport

#7 Mikhail Aleshin


How many video game sponsored liveries have there been in world motorsport? Can’t name any off the top of my head, so it’s pretty neat to see SPM pull sponsorship from the new Doom game, the original of which I spent many hours on. It’s mostly black, and features a character surrounded by explosions in front of and surrounding the cockpit. I’ve never been a big fan of “images” being stuck on a car, but it doesn’t look so bad here.

I do wish they’d used a yellow or amber instead of red for the accents, to match the explosions for some colour. The rest is black and a little empty, and could have probably used a little more of that yellow/orange in one form or another.



#77 Oriol Servià


Well this is a bit of a lazy effort. Plain white with sponsors in multiple colours. A bit of uniformity would have gone a long way on this one. Ugh.



Team Penske

#3 Hélio Castroneves

IndyCar Indy 500 Auto Racing

This is an identical livery to Pagenaud’s Menards livery, but with a different sponsor in Pennzoil, and a far more natural yellow. This is in fact a brilliant throwback to Rick Mears’ Penske machines that ran in the 1983 Indy 500. I’ve gone over the design before, but this colour takes it it another level. Really classy and despite taking its inspiration from a car three decades old, has been transferred to this a modern day IndyCar brilliantly.




Round-Up – 2016 Indy 500 Field