Livery Update – Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport


LDM is the latest team to drastically change their colours early on. For Symmons Plains (awesome circuit by the way), the team will be sponsored by ABRO, an American company that makes various automotive products, hence the red, white and blue.

The livery is pretty basic, with some standard shades of red and blue and the main design being an off centre pair of red and white stripes along the top. This is supported by similar but smaller red and white lines along the sides under the main logo, which venture all the way to the front above the splitter. The splitter itself is black, which importantly breaks up the monotony of the blue and could have used some more elsewhere on the car.

It’s a little bit logo heavy and the I’m sure it may be confused with Bright’s BJR Commodore from a distance. It’s OK, but I prefer the old livery and who knows how long this one will last.

Livery Update – Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport

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