Livery Updates – Team Aguri & DJR Team Penske

Team Aguri

aguri 3

Team Aguri made headlines by bringing an iconic motorsport sponsor to Formula E. Gulf has sponsored many famous race cars such as the Ford GT40 and more recently, Aston Martin in the WEC. It’s ironic to see an oil company sponsoring a team in an electric category, but either way, it’s good to see Aguri get some backing.

Aguri 2

The livery design hasn’t changed much from the one it started the season in, with the Gulf colours somewhat incorporated into it. It makes for a design that doesn’t quite sing in unison. The lighter blue seems much brighter than the sky blue that is normally used on Gulf liveries, and this clashes quite hard with both the orange and the navy. Ideally this colour wouldn’t be on the car, or it would have been used in a much smaller quantity. A paler blue would have worked much better in the current state.

Aguri 1

The design looks a little rushed too. The orange on the top of the nose section would have been great, if it didn’t looked like it was slapped on top of the design that was already there. The engine cover has a lot more going for it, with the tricolour, horizontal sections actually working very well. The orange, navy and white stripes coming across the blue are bearable, but I think once again it’s the strong light blue that clashes.

I feel as though this livery could have been executed much better and hopefully it is tinkered with before the next race.


DJR Team Penske

coulthardNot sure why these photos look so terrible, but they look fine when you click and expand them.

Well that didn’t take long! DJR Team Penske have already changed their liveries, with Detroit in big bold letters on one car once again and Western Star Trucks on the other. The new liveries are all black with bright blue highlights for Coulthard and red for Pye. I have to admit they are very attractive to look at with the simple designs and pleasing colour combinations.


Like I mentioned above, they are simple designs, with  parallel, widening lines framing the sponsors well on the sides. It is minimalistic, but the colour is well placed and everything  works well together. They’ve even managed to make Hog’s Breath Cafe look good! That said, I prefer the Shell livery, but who knows when we’ll see that again and what we’ll see in between. Either way, they haven pulled out a bad livery yet, so I’m not complaining.



Livery Updates – Team Aguri & DJR Team Penske

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