Livery Launch – Mercedes W07

Mercedes said they new livery would have more turquoise and less black! However, it looks as though they haven’t quite lived up to their promises. Not sure why I get my hopes up every year!

Mercedes 1

So basically, IF this is indeed the livery that will be seen in Melbourne, it is almost identical to last season’s effort. The same black sections as last year (that smokey black area on the engine cover is as dated as the bulls on the Toro Rosso), with a bit more turquoise added below the cockpit. This area, along with the turquoise on the sidepods, has a weird soft or blurred edge, which I don’t like. I guess it fits better with the overall theme, but it isn’t one I’m a fan of.

Mercedes 2

Whatever charm this colour combination and livery design initially had has long since faded. We need something interesting from Mercedes, something fresh, something new and this livery doesn’t hit the mark.

Also, I just realised where this livery got its inspiration from. Looks like they’ve been working very closely with Puma!

Mercedes Puma



Livery Launch – Mercedes W07

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