Livery Launch – McLaren MP4-31

Looks like someone at McLaren is getting fired because F1 Fanatic has got their hands on launch pictures of the new car a day early! Either way, let’s have a look at their latest disappointment.


Looks like the grey era is here to stay for a little while at least, as McLaren still haven’t found a company stupid enough to pay the crazy money Ron is asking for, to have their logos on a backmarker.  They grey itself is metallic and dark enough to not be ugly, but at this point, damn do I miss the sparkly black used at the beginning of 2015.

So that’s what it is really, a dark grey car. For the most part it’s quite boring, as there isn’t a whole lot of work put into any creativity. There are the red bits on top of the sidepods, which actually look nice from the top view, but they still have black, faux shiny border which I entirely dislike. Not that there’s a whole lot of creativity in that anyway, it’s just the graphical part from the logo put onto the car.

McLaren 3

The only other red bit on lining the top of the engine cover, from the airbox to above the Mobil 1 logo. That is a piece of subtle design that I actually like. If similar lines were placed on front of the cockpit and maybe on the front and rear wing endplates, it could have made the livery a bit more interesting whilst staying classy, without making it too exciting and giving Ron a heart attack.

What they’ve done well is the logo placements. The car is not too crowded, every logo looks like it belongs where it’s been placed and everything is uniform. The Richard Mille logo especially is neat. The number on the front isn’t so bad either and it certainly looks better without the red stripes from last year.

McLaren 2

Overall, this is a very plain livery, and makes me wonder if they do plan to change it before the start of the season. Unlikely, but if we yell about it loud enough, maybe they’ll change it after a few rounds like last year.

Livery Launch – McLaren MP4-31

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