Livery Launch – Red Bull RB12

Red Bull launched the livery that will eventually adorn the RB12 today (presented on the RB11 today), which will be driven by Daniil Kvyat and the ever smiling Daniel Ricciardo, and boy have they gone for something different.

Red Bull 5

By something different, I mean within the limitations of the Red Bull branding. First and foremost, the paint over the entire car is matte. This is very bold and as far as I can recall, a first for the sport. I usually stuck to metallic or gloss paint in Need for Speed Underground 2, so matte paint doesn’t have me drooling or anything, but it’s definitely interesting and I wonder if there are any aerodynamic disadvantages to using it.

As for the colour, I’m not sure it is so much darker as it is less blue, perhaps a touch closer to purple on the hue scale. I also think that the fact it isn’t glossy makes it look a lot darker than it is. Another glaring change is the lack of white on the car, with the Red Bull logo as well as the bull on the engine cover void of their usual white bordering. Interestingly, the bull is outlined in yellow, where I feel no border at all would have created some pleasing uniformity in the design.

Red Bull 4

The red itself looks a little washed out in some pictures, but in others it really pops and that’s where I feel the artificial lighting lets down the reveal. Perhaps an outdoor launch would have been a better idea. Check out the quite intricate design on the front wing. A very nice touch. Actually, it could just be the Red Bull logo but only viewable from the front. Who knows!

There is a single red stripe leading from just in front of the sidepods, ending just about at the front suspension. This is a simple piece of design that serves to fill a blank space, but it certainly holds an eye catching purpose.

Red Bull 3

Last year’s livery was cluttered, messy and looked to be trying too hard, with too many colours. This year’s livery is the opposite. Clean and classy, whilst remaining interesting and almost eerily menacing. I have a feeling this will look damn good in natural light and I look forward to further high resolution pictures. This livery certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it gets a big tick from me, at least for a change in the right direction.

It is noteworthy that the drivers’ also seem to be using matte paint for their helmets. KvyatRicciardo

Livery Launch – Red Bull RB12

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