Livery Launch – Holden Racing Team

HRT is the latest team to unveil their 2016 livery.


HRT have gone with a very bright red, if not orange for the 2016 season. It immediately threw me back to the livery which adorned the HSV Dealer Team when they were sponsored by Toll. When you think about it, they are very, very similar. It has the orange sides, with the lion decal in black spreading across to the rear, as well as a black bonnet. An almost identical design in fact, to the car in which Rick Kelly won the championship, but for a darker shade of orange.


That said, it’s the usual Holden livery. However, it is definitely on of the better versions. In fact it looks pretty damn nice, apart from the green numbers. Whether it’s just for a vibrant contrast or a request from sponsor Monster, I’m not sure what they were thinking keeping it on the car. Perhaps it will grow on me.

Livery Launch – Holden Racing Team

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