Livery Launch – CoolDrive Commodore & DJR Team Penske Falcons

Two new V8 liveries were released recently (although I’m a bit late on the #21 machine) and both look great if you ask me.

Cooldrive 1

The CoolDrive Commodore livery was released recently and what an improvement it is. Last year’s car was a little bit generic and when your car is usually only seen in the pack, it does your sponsors no favours. That said, a lot more blue on the car this season makes the car look fuller and little bit more unique. The CoolDrive logo, especially the non worded part, looks really good on the car and is almost used as the design all on its own, with the other areas supplementary, which is a credit to the main sponsor.

Fabian Coulthard will join Scott Pye as DJR Team Penske expand to two cars for 2016.

DJR Penske 1

The livery, although beautiful, isn’t ground breaking. It’s an almost identical design to last season, which alternated colours depending on the sponsor. Shell is back with the team, but who knows how many rounds it will last this season.

The livery design is more solid this season, with less spikey bits and a classier look overall. Some may consider it a little more boring, but I think I prefer it. It’s a strong colour combination and a good looking car all round.

Two great looking cars. Lovely that the Shell livery is back and even better to see an improved CoolDrive design.

Livery Launch – CoolDrive Commodore & DJR Team Penske Falcons

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