Livery Launch – Renault RS16

Well sort of. Shortly after the reveal, it was made clear that the livery will change come Melbourne, so it looks like this is just a testing livery. Great news that Kevin Magnussen will be joining rookie Jolyon Palmer for 2016 though!

Renault 1

What can I say, another black livery, but I can’t say I’m disappointed. It’s black done right. Simplistic and classy, as opposed to tacky and cluttered, like the Lotus and Force India liveries last season. It’s very simple but has some superb touches, including a matte honeycomb pattern on the rear of the engine cover and sidepods and the minimal yellow on the turning vane and the inside of the front and rear wing end plates. The rear wing especially looks brilliant.

Renault 2

The black rims are also great and all these little touches achieve is to make a plain car look interesting and sophisticated. All the sponsors are colour coordinated too which is great, but I’m not sure why Jack Jones is so low on the turning vane.

Renault 3

This is a livery that the more I look at, the more I like. I was initially like a lot of others, thinking that this was an anticlimax of sorts, but it really has a lot of charm. I look forward to seeing it in natural light during testing and I now hope that it doesn’t change too much come Melbourne. Inevitably, it’s likely that they will add some more yellow and probably some Infiniti purple too, so perhaps this will be one of those “remember that cool testing livery?” designs.

Livery Launch – Renault RS16

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