Livery Launch – Team Vortex #888

Craig Lowndes’ new Triple Eight machine was revealed today and I have to say, it’s almost everything I expected, and definitely in a good way!

Team Vortex 1

The new livery brings back memories of Russell Ingall’s championship winning car, just as we thought it would. It brings back that unique shade of blue green, along with a healthy amount of red and white in support.

Caltex has chosen to promote premium brand Vortex with the team and is prominent in the livery design. The white semi circular lines which are a part of the Vortex logo are used as the base of the design, with the red sections creating a similar boundary around the logo.

Team Vortex 2

The car looks great from the back, with the red section sweeping around the Vortex logo and onto the rear bumper. If anything, it’s a full livery, but it does look a bit slapped on, at least from the side. My only real gripe with this one is the blue headlights. Why not blend them with the same blue green, have them in a contrasting but matching and menacing red or just plain clear? That shade of blue is totally out of place on this car and is mighty annoying to me.

However, overall it’s a pleasant livery and will hit a bunch of people right in the nostalgia. Can’t go wrong with that.

Livery Launch – Team Vortex #888

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