Livery Launch – Freightliner Racing

Freightliner Racing

Another day another launch, this time for Freightliner Racing. Fabian Coulthard has departed the team and in his place has come the reliable Tim Slade.

The immediate issue I saw in last years livery, the first for new sponsor Freightliner, was that it was basically interchangeable with previous sponsor Lockwood. That will naturally happen when the new sponsor has the same colours as the old one, but not enough was done to distinguish the new from the old.

The 2016 has changed a little more, with significantly less black, with red the clear main colour. A wavy flame design was preferred to the straight edges of 2015, and thankfully they aren’t the cheesy “pimp my ride” kind. In fact, they are quite attractive. Unfortunately, there’s at least one gap that needs to be filled, with the rear quarter panel looking empty, with a lot of plain red around the area.

Not a ground breaking livery, but definitely easy on the eye!

Livery Launch – Freightliner Racing

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