Livery Launch – Nissan Motorsport & Super Black Racing

Super Black Racing won’t be so black in their second season. Many were disappointed that Heimgartner wasn’t kept on for a second crack, but there is no saying if the team will be any more competitive regardless.


The team have Ice Break on board for 2016, who were sponsoring Jack Le Brocq’s car in the Dunlop series last year. The main colour is a tricky one. In some lighting it looks like an appetising golden brown, whereas in other lighting it looks more like a brown streak. The dark brown “real coffee, ice cold” tagline doesn’t look so nice in dark brown, on light brown background. However, there isn’t much choice regarding the main colour, given Ice Break’s branding and thankfully, SBR have chosen neutral colours to go with it.

The red highlights aren’t bad and add some vibrancy to the livery. It may well have looked a little better without, but it certainly doesn’t make it ugly. The Kiwi on the rear quarter panel, where the Falcon would usually be, is a great touch. The overall design is modern and unique; certainly a positive in my book.

Nissan 1

Nissan have produced a far more predictable livery for Michael Caruso this year. Identical colours to last season and a very similar design.

Nissan 2

It’s a complex design and that isn’t at all a bad thing. I would have preferred a little more consistency with the sizing of all the lines; the thick line behind the rear wheel arch puts me off slightly and would have been nicer if it was thin like the one on the rear door.

The thin line is coloured in gradient from red to black which is a nice touch, and wraps around the Nissan and Nismo logos nicely. Kudos to Nissan for actually getting the cars in the sunlight for their reveal!

Two nice cars and hopefully they can challenge higher up the order this year.


Livery Launch – Nissan Motorsport & Super Black Racing

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