Livery Launch – Erebus Motorsport

New season, new drivers for Erebus. Prodrive outcast David Reynolds had a fantastic season in 2015 but still found himself out of the championship’s top team. Fortunately, Betty Klimenko picked him up and he’ll be driving for Erebus in 2016. Erebus’ second driver choice was somewhat out of the blue, with Aaren Russell in the car next season. He contested the Dunlop series last season, finishing up in 11th overall as well as finishing on the lead lap at the Bathurst 1000.

Erebus pulled another surprise on us, announcing that they will be running Holdens in 2016. A shame if you ask me, with the variety of makes decreasing to four and the saturation of Holdens in the field increasing by two.

We’ve only really been teased with photoshopped images of Erebus’ new liveries, but it’s better than nothing! Penrite will stay as main sponsor to Reynolds’ #9 machine. The mainly black car looks classy, as a black car should. The front has a bit of Super Cheap Auto to it, with the red taking up most of the bumper and yellow on the splitter and just under the bonnet.

Erebus 1

I’m very happy to see that the red and yellow sections on the side run with the natural lines of the car. It pleases me aesthetically and frames the Penrite logo perfectly. There’s not much else to go on, but the black and yellow rims look great too.

Plus Fitness will follow Aaren Russell to Erebus and dictate the majority of the livery on the #4 car. Blue and orange are often a great combination and it’s nice here too. The design however, much like on the Bathurst livery that I wrote about toward the end of last year, looks a little less unique than the Penrite one. The white and orange sections are positioned well and also do a good job framing the main sponsor.Erebus 2

Interestingly, Penrite has sponsored the rear quarter of this car, and that’s what brings the livery down. It may have been fine if it weren’t for the red bits right next to the orange, but this makes it look like one too many colours were used. Perhaps simple, plain black would have been a better option here. That and the yellow on the rims make the livery look a bit disorganised. However, the HP logo on the front fits in superbly and makes the front look lovely.

Big changes for 2016 at Erebus. Let’s see if this will translate to better performances.

Livery Launch – Erebus Motorsport

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