Livery Launch – Red Bull Racing Australia 2016


They’re starting nice and early this year, with Red Bull Racing Australia revealing their new driver and livery today in a laugh and tyre smoke filled video featuring all three of the team’s drivers.

At first glance, the livery is very different to the 2015 car, with a the whole side of the car in a lighter shade of blue, which fades out back to the usual navy blue via polka dots. The rear wing too is in this new colour. However, on close inspection, not much has really changed.

RBRA 1 compare
The new 2016 livery (top) and the 2015 livery (bottom).

Apart from the lighter blue on the side, the car is virtually the same. Apart from that, a similar fade on the red sections and less a couple of lightning bolts, the design is virtually unchanged. The giant Red Bull logo and the red on the splitter and skirts act as a template, within which some changes have been made.


From a sponsorship perspective, Toshiba seems to have left the part and despite becoming the livery dictating sponsor on Lowndes’ car, Caltex have also kept their logo on the two main Red Bull machines.


This is by no means a bad livery, and it’s refreshing to see a slight shake up in the predictable Red Bull livery. It’s a livery that unfortunately won’t see much variation throughout its existence, so when a change like this are made, we certainly have to make the most of it.

Just as a side note, I’ve added a side by side comparison to the 2016 Bottle-O livery launch article, and I will try to do this for all future launches.


Livery Launch – Red Bull Racing Australia 2016

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