Livery of the Day – 2011 Rizla Suzuki GSV-R

For me, MotoGP is fun to watch. The last couple of years I’ve tried my best to watch every race, simply because the racing is usually super exciting (especially Moto3 most weekends!). I don’t know a hell of a lot about its history and I don’t pretend to be an expert, but growing up watching a race from time to time, only a few things stuck with me. One of those things was the light blue Rizla Suzuki bikes, helped perhaps by the Australian media, thanks to Chris Vermeulen riding for them for a number of years. For years I had no idea what Rizla was, but I couldn’t separate the name from Suzuki.

suzuki 1

For 2011, Suzuki kept Alvaro Bautista on after a decent first MotoGP season, whilst John Hopkins attended 3 race weekends. Rizla continued their sponsorship of the team and therefore, the bikes were once again that familiar shade of blue.

Suzuki 2

Over the years, the Rizla Suzuki team’s liveries had barely changed from plain light blue, apart from a small flash of yellow. The 2011 livery broke the mould, with a large black spike design along the edges of the bike. It was something very different, but as the majority of the bike was still in light blue, there was no denying it was a Rizla Suzuki. It’s a lovely design which doesn’t crowd the bike at all and is very aesthetically pleasing. Whilst the black spikes cover a large part of the bike, they remain quite subtle and allow the light blue to dominate the livery.

Suzuki 3

After moving to the CRT category in 2012 and a having year’s break in 2014, Suzuki are back in 2015, albeit minus Rizla. It’s just not the same!

Livery of the Day – 2011 Rizla Suzuki GSV-R

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