Update – Manor unveil new sponsor

Manor have surprised us today with a new sponsor and a coinciding updated livery.

Manor 1

Flex-Box are in the shipping container business and have decided to put their advertising money to use on the Manor’s sidepods. Adding a fourth colour to any livery is very risky, but Manor have done well, seemingly replacing the white sidepods with blue. Upon closer inspection, the design has changed slightly toward the rear. There is now a diagonal black area separating the blue and red from the rear of the car, instead of the black stripe splitting the red and white along the sidepod.

The Flex-Box logo itself matches well, as it is red and white, although the large blue area will take some getting used to. The blue area is cut off by white just before the front of the sidepods, which is a great way to split the new area and the old white area. This will be seen much more obviously in other angles.

The only thing that doesn’t quite work now is the rear wing endplate. I feel it would work much better in plain black, especially since the diagonal black area has been added to the rear of the car. It would much more seamlessly with the rest of the car that way. Alternatively, if all black areas were replaced with white, the livery would have one less colour, would be a little less complex and could be easier on the eye. Here’s a quick mock-up of how it would look.

Manor 2

Very glad to see more colour on the grid and hopefully these extra dollars can get Manor kicking on a competitive 2016 car.

Update – Manor unveil new sponsor

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