Livery of the Day – Prost AP02

Prost 1

Piloted by Frenchman Olivier Panis and Italian Jarno Trulli, the AP02 was every bit as lackluster as its predecessor. As much as it disappointed on the track in terms of results, it very much delivered in the visual department.

Prost maintained its Gauloises sponsorship in 1999 (the transition from Gitanes to Gauloises sponsorship in 1996 had been seamless) and in turn the car carried on the blue colour, which had adorned the French team’s cars since the very beginning, as Ligier in the 70’s. This year, however, it was a deeper, metallic shade of blue. The choice of this stunning colour sets the car up as a winner from the very beginning.

Prost 3

A new addition to the livery were black front and rear wings, which added a touch of class and set it apart from former Prost and Ligier liveries. New Total sponsorship meant some red flashes on the nose and mirrors, which added a much needed kick of vibrancy to the livery and yet remained relatively subtle. Total have since forgotten the meaning of subtlety. Bic remained on the car and the deep yellow still worked very well with the blue and somehow didn’t clash too harshly with the Total red.

The livery design itself was incredibly simple. Blue body, black wings, red mirrors. A design this simple is either hit or miss and this time around, it is very much a hit. Simple and uncomplicated, yet it doesn’t look lazy, which would be easy to do with this style of livery.

Prost 2

Overall, this livery is incredibly attractive to me. Something about the deep metallic blue, the black wings and the splash of red. It screams class and that is how I like my liveries.

Livery of the Day – Prost AP02

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